Is there only one way to get saved?

I was reading this article today and…

Well, I am pretty nearly the believer who started from scratch and read the bible for myself…I’m an INTJ which is the most independent personality type, the true scientist if you like. That’s 25 years of critical thinking and experimentation on myself, folks.

My take on the whole thing is that it is critically important to live in the everyday experience and heart knowledge of the Holy Spirit and that He can be heard today; that at every occasion I should say what I hear Him saying, that I have died to myself, and that it is encouraged biblically to be verbally provocative, to ask people questions which make them think and which if chewed on will lead them nearer to Jesus.

All this battle plan is one hundred percent done in love, without coercion but with much joy. Drawing people using hate or fear is no use.

I think most Christians today do not even know the myriad of descriptions of salvation there are in the bible, from the two birds in Lev 14 where one flies free after the other dies…

…to the names of David, beloved, Solomon, peaceableness, Rehoboam, enlargement. Interrupted by the warlord Jeroboam, let the people fight. Sound a familiar story of church growth, or your own life?

The gospel is all over the stories of the OT. Three days in Jonah’s whale, the few saved with Noah, whose name means rest,in the ark. I could go on….but how many of us can explain the gospel in these stories?

How many times have we heard the roman road used? How many of us could quote it without help, including the references?

Wouldn’t it be easier to describe yourself as being a Prodigal son, and explain your faith from there? Or as a lost coin, or a treasure hidden in a field? Pick your own bible story and relate it to your own journey.

I think we should also as a church stop pretending that we don’t need to deal in spiritual warfare (I mean deal with the world of demons in the way that Jesus did), we should drastically reduce preaching rationally (how many of the three points beginning with C can you ever recall?) and use the pictures, questions, joy we have in Jesus and stories to draw people in, make them question themselves deep down, and have asked these questions of ourselves and be living the answers.

We want people to have an eternal conversation with Jesus, so having questions is not a threat or a problem to us, teach them to pray and tell them it is developing their own gifting

And let’s lead them to real experience of the Holy Spirit.

Plus lets preach on being dead in Jesus and so having new life in God. And let’s stop dissing the apostle John by telling people the should expect to continue to sin, instead of saying it is a choice once you’ve been set free.

And let’s get rid of religion, of knowing right and wrong and start living from the tree of life instead…

What do you think? How should we evangelise?


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