God works in and Christians work out. Nice wordplay, great post. Thanks


What does God work in? The Holy Spirit’s witness. What does the Christian work out? The Holy Spirit’s witness manifested in the heart and life of a believer in Christ. The Holy Spirit’s witness is a “perfect” work that morally changes the unbelieving rebel against God into a believing and obedient saint of God.

The Spirit’s Witness flows from the blood of the everlasting covenant that Christ shed on the Cross of Calvary into the heart of a believer. God works in so much that a sinner is made right through the shed blood of Jesus Christ our Savior. Now, the child of God changed by Grace is able to work out things that are well pleasing in the eyes of God.

Moral righteousness comes from the redemptive work of Christ and flows into the believing soul. Forgiveness and righteousness are the result of God’s workmanship upon this believing soul…

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