Playing small

I want to live an uncommon life, so that no part of His Plan is left undone…beautiful post by Helen Murray


Hello, God.

I was talking the other day. Talking to my husband, to my friend, to you.

It strikes me that I probably did that in the wrong order. But anyway.

I was talking about hopes and dreams and what stops me from doing anything. What stops me from going out on a limb. What inhibits me, stops me from going for it, as they say.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about stepping out in faith and following the path you have chosen for us. Not dawdling along and collapsing on the nearest bench, but actually going where the path goes, whether or not I’m out of breath. Walking with you, trusting that there is always more path even though I can’t see it. Believing that if you started me down this path then you know where it leads and you do want me to get there.

‘For we…

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