Dim Sum – It really happened – Praise the Lord

Do not wait till you are so weak and incapacitated to call on the Lord yourself.



The table  was laid out for lunch when we arrived at my cousin’s home at 10.45am. The last we had visited her home was over 20 years ago. We had not come for lunch that day but to visit her husband who was recovering after losing a kidney.

My cousin was really excited that we were visiting her in her new home. She was anxious to show me and remind me that twenty plus years ago,  for her house warming party for her first home, I gave her a Corelle full dinner set for 10 people,  which she has used almost every day since.  At first it was used by her and her husband,  then by  her children as well,  and now by her grandchildren too. She was appreciative that I gave her the set which she could not afford to buy. She  was grateful   it was such a practical and useful present and that it has been durable . I…

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