A “Psalm” on Preaching

We start with a thought, a hymn and a prayer

Confession, amen, the reading we share

The summit, the aim, now gets its first mention

I lovingly paint it for your attention

First come the foothills, the background, the hurt

Trudging around in a morass of dirt

A question, a fact, a story, a joke

A laugh from the hearers, a face pulled, a poke!

Now our attention comes back to the climb

Dispose of the dangers, reach for the sublime

To take them I pray, I donegalise[1] too

Using word pictures I know will get through

Who in the Bible also faced life this way?

What part of their journey can help us today?

Let’s glance past transcendence, to future so bright

Now is the time to remind them of Light

Light brings us a story, parable, riddle, psalm

Hymn writers, quotations will do us no harm

We’re nearing the peak now, the aim stated again

To live by the power His Spirit we claim

It needs to be real, practical, wise, liv-able too

Please God show us all just what we must do

But now there’s a twist, the hearers, drawn in,

Realise now just how involved they’ve become

Their hearts are invested and opened and wide

Dropped most of their guard; May He come inside?

Now at the summit, the Light clothed in white

Speaking His Word, transcends sense, sound and sight.

[1] Donegalise –  a word invented by Michael Ward in his book Planet Narnia to mean investing even small words with the main theme, thus adding flavour and feeling to the experience of the reader.

Donegality is the atmosphere to be Enjoyed, so pervasive that it is unnoticeable, because we are constantly experiencing it. (Ward, 2010)


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