Christian Tagalog Blog – Unlocking Your Feminine Power -Leslie Ludy

Build up instead of tearing down…


When asked the question, “What would you say are young women most disillusioned with?”To me, the answer to that question is obvious: today’s young women are primarily disillusioned with guys. Girls grow up reading fairy tales and dreaming of Prince Charming, but by the time we get to sixth grade, we are presented with a standard of masculinity so shockingly below our ideal that we can’t help but become disillusioned and even dismayed. We’ve shrugged our shoulders and accepted the dismal fact that fairy tales are nothing more than childish, unrealistic dreams, so we sit around in discussion groups trying to cope with our disappointing reality.

But what if we can do something about it? What if fairy tales really are possible? What if we aren’t supposed to settle for such a dim outlook on love and romance?

As women, we have a far greater power over the course of masculinity…

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