Faith is being able to rest entirely on God.


Avoiding SplintersTelephone pole climbing is an art that requires courage.  In order to climb, it is necessary to wear spiked shoes and a belt that attaches round the pole.  Easy?  Sure!

However, learning the art of leaning backwards, putting all your weight on the belt and depending on it many feet above the ground, requires courage and trust.  When the full body weight is  on the belt, the belt holds tightly to the pole, and the shoe spikes dig into the hardwood pole, giving stability.

The pole climber is often suspended at a big height, over nothing but air, and his hands must be free to work on the wires.   His safety and his freedom of movement to carry out his work DEPEND on his keeping his weight on the belt.

Depending on the belt is difficult to learn, and many beginners painfully slide down the splintery pole because they fail…

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