The White Out Method


whiteoutThis picture is hilarious.  Whoever devised and created this photo is a genius.  My applause to you.

Not so hilarious is how aptly the photo personifies me.  (ouch!)  After rolling-on-the-floor-laughing and after regaining my composure enough to focus seriously on the photo, I realized I’m just like her.  Only then… well, it’s not so funny.

Join me through a day in my life and I think you’ll agree.

6:00 AM ~ Alarm clock goes off.  I stumble from our bed, make my way around to the door of the bathroom in the dark so as not to wake my wife.  Misjudging my footing, I stub my toe on the door casing and… well, you know.  My wife groggily moans, “everything okay?”  [White-Out Moment] = “Yes, dear; just getting ready for work.  Good morning!”

6:40AM ~ Making good time on US1 this morning while listening to a little Third Day and praising…

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