Anxiety Gone!

When it is unexpected…


anxietyUnexpected opportunities to minister the love of God can be challenging.  For example, you pass an acquaintance in the grocery store and in an effort not to be rude you ask them how they are doing.  You fully expect to get the standard, “Fine how are you?” response but instead they begin to cry and pour out their hearts.  How do we respond to those situations?  How do we shift our focus off of whatever we were doing and onto the need presented to us at a moments notice?  Can we hear God in the midst of rapidly changing circumstances?

One particular overcast morning I was in the middle of making sure my rescue (ambulance) was stocked and prepared when a car screeched to a stop in the station parking lot.  An older woman quickly emerged and frantically waved us over.  She told us that her neighbor was having some…

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