How do I feel God’s love again?

Right then, feeling God’s love. Hmmm. Well, how well do you know the Holy Spirit? He is a real gentleman and takes constant encouragement from you to come close. Tell Him you love Him and that you want Him to come near to you, start there in prayer. He will not come where you don’t welcome Him. He’s lovely. Get to know Him. Father God deals with the big picture stuff, the stars and what’s out there and circumstances of your life, then Jesus is your friend who understands and you can talk stuff over with, then the Holy Spirit is God-in-you, the ability to let go and let God flow through you and be in you. The trinity, right there. He wants you to feel love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self control. He brings those things to your insides. He is so beautiful. Love Him.

One thing someone told me to do, long ago, which I still do, is lie down somewhere and say to Him, Dear Holy Spirit, I want to feel your love again, and kind of consciously let Him in, let Him flood your insides. Or His joy, or His peace, or whatever you need. Singing and worship, reading the Bible, thanking Him when you remember, just being aware of Him at any time, these things and many other things are a good way to encourage Him to spend time around you, which brings that feeling that you like! Tell Him you want more of Him. Tell Him you want to go deeper than last time, or deeper than the deepest time. Give Him permission! And if you don’t feel safe, tell Him so! Lord I want this to be You not me making it up, but I do trust you and please come and let me feel your love again…whatever you want to say. In Jesus’ mighty Name, Amen.

You can’t make Him stay…He is God. It’s like holding a butterfly – you have to let Him come and go, freely, like the wind. But since you know what He feels like, you have felt Him, you already know what He is like, build on that. Lord I want to feel You again. It may not feel exactly the same, each time, but you will know that it is Him.

One problem I found was a general feeling of guilt, the Bible calls this condemnation, you will come across it if you read Romans 7 (end). Condemnation, you can tell it to Go! in Jesus Name!, and ask the Holy Spirit straightaway to come into and fill up that space where the condemnation was. Christians don’t need to feel condemned, but it’s a common problem I think. When the Holy Spirit comes He deals with you about specific things, this is called conviction and is specific, like you shouldnt have said that particular thing, see John 14-16 for more about all this, but you will see that the Holy Spirit brings conviction which leads us to repent and be forgiven. This is how you abide in Him. So you get right with Him, and in the morning and the next day, and the next, live with Him (that’s called abiding, or remaining, it’s what my book is about, abiding in His Presence all the time, I think that is the aim and possibility, living in His Presence all the time). So conviction is okay, He uses that and it helps you get right with Him over specific things, but condemnation is not part of His plan for you and can get in the way of feeling His love. In general terms if you want to feel a particular way it is worth studying that word (doing a bible search on its use) and seeing what the opposite is and how Jesus has dealt with the opposite to set you free. The word translated forgiveness really means freedom, so He came to set you free in all areas.

Just one more thing before I go…In 1st John (read the whole letter) chapter 2 St John talks about having the witness of the Holy Spirit inside you, having an anointing Who teaches you all things, so you don’t need anyone to teach you. So it seems to me that this is how it works, that you read something or hear something and simultaneously the Holy Spirit witnesses (tells you) inside your spirit something more about it, like whether it is true or not, whether it is for now or not, why someone is speaking that way…etc etc. Listen to Him. that’s what that’s for. Do what He tells you. And learn to distinguish His voice from other voices. The sweet anointing which falls on us when we ask Him, that cannot be counterfeited, so if you are unsure on something, get a moment to yourself, go to the bathroom or something and say to Him, Lord, drop your anointing on me and tell me what to do…and He will. He is so gentle. Love Him. Don’t hurt His feelings.

So, you have everything you need, right there. Don’t worry about what others think of you. And invite Him into your daydreams, learn to accept Him as a real figure in the spirit realm where your dreams and visions happen…, just pray, ‘Lord, I hand my daydreams and my nighttime dreams too, over to You,, please come into them, talk to me, spend time with me in my dreams and visions, I welcome You’. And then go ahead and dream…He will do whatever He will do with you, if you will just let go and let Him. And He is so kind and gentle at sorting out our mistakes when we go wrong.


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