Roots and Valleys

Very thoughtful and inspiring post on Low and High points…

Changing Journey


There are times where it becomes so abundantly obvious how delicate a creature we are. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. Sometimes it only takes the smallest event, word, act, or gesture to push us over the edge. And when you’ve been reminded time and time again of how fragile you are, you tend to build up defenses to protect yourself.

When you have finally cut away the cause of your injury and have begun the healing process, you can still be surprised at how these damages make themselves known. For a while they will hide and lie dormant. Then, when least expected, they make it clear that they are more deeply rooted than you may have imagined. And sometimes it can scare you to see how deep those hidden roots are. While you seem stronger than you have in years, you begin to doubt yourself, your actions, your…

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