The Striking Beauty of Mature Christianity ~ SoS Saturday

Excellent post on Song of Songs.


Many Waters - SoS header

So ladies – you just spent the last hour and a half getting ready to head out on a date with your honey, and when he feasts his eyes on you the first words out of his mouth are:

Your hair reminds me of a herd of goats.

But that’s where the Shepherd King goes with our maiden, and not for the first time. As I mentioned last week, these same declarations of her beauty (yes – goat hair is beautiful – you’ll see) are a repeat from Chapter 4, then in anticipation, now in realization.

Your hair is like a flock of goats
That have descended from Gilead.

Song of Songs 6:5 NASB


What is the Lord saying of His bride?

Long flowing hair speaks of dedication or devotion. We gather this from both Old and New Testament. In the Old we read of the Nazarites who…

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3 thoughts on “The Striking Beauty of Mature Christianity ~ SoS Saturday

    • I have a FABULOUS book called Song of Songs by Watchman Nee. It’s brilliant and heartwarming all at once. Your post reminded me of it.

      I always see the goats as a herd of brown bodies tightly packed flowing down a mountain side, in that way with the light changing on their backs all the time it is like long wavy brown hair…

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