How to Capture the Almighty – SoS Saturday

Who knew what your hair meant to God?


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Your head crowns you like Carmel,
And the flowing locks of your head are like purple threads;
The king is captivated by your tresses.

Song of Songs 7:5

How do you take captive One who is omnipotent?

It’s like one of those riddles, Can God make a rock so heavy that He can’t lift it?

Turns out the answer to my riddle is: long flowing hair. There is a fascinating correlation here linking our Song to Samson.

Samson, who we meet in Judges 13-17, lived the life of a Nazarite. Like John the Baptist, he was supernaturally born, a gift from the Giver of Life to a barren woman. Also like John, his parents were told to raise him as a Nazarite from birth.

These two are unique in this way. Most who took a Nazarite vow were constrained for a voluntary period of time. God gave these two…

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