If churches are like takeaway food stores, then I’ve eaten at them all. Including the church of ‘I am a Christian who doesn’t go to church’.

I’ve discovered it’s not about church.

Read about how my journey nearly didn’t begin at all: with a Landrover and a failure.

But it did begin, and now I am proud to say I know Jesus – the Christ. He searches me and knows me too, inside out.

This is what matters. This is what makes life worth living. This is how to live. This is where the strong joy is found. In the mutual knowing, beyond understanding, in intimacy.

I know Him with insight, because I ruminate on His way of doing things. I know Him with understanding, because I obey Him. I understand Him, just a bit, because I have been there with Him. He is everything to me.

For a few bob and a bit of time you can read about my journey in the inner places with Him. It wasn’t what I had expected. Following Him cost me everything, every time.

But when He is all you’ve got, He’s got your attention.

I’m not afraid of dying, because I die, every day, to follow Him. Why don’t you trust Him and try it? It’s a fabulous way to live! It’s fun!

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love this and totally agree with you. Intimacy with God is the Key to overcoming all of the obstacles in this world. He rescued me from abuse and I trust Him with my life. He was my lifeline when I had nothing else to hold onto… Many God bless you, my friend!!

  2. I love your second comment! In fact, I came to the very same conclusion this morning while researching the blog I was writing. I’d always known it, but not consciously acknowledged it. God really does confirm His Word! Love your page, and thanks for taking the time to read mine. The Christian writing community is way more pervasive than folk realize. If you ever consider writing and publishing a book to share all your wisdom, would you please consider CrossEffective Publishing? We believe like Myles Monroe, that everybody has a book inside of them, and if they don’t share it they’re a generation thief. Stay blessed and keep writing! K

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